New Worlds Researching the Old World

So much of research into the history of my family has introduced me to different fields of research. In an effort to share the excitement and expansion of what I have been able to discover on the Internet, I have developed a new area for these pages called New Worlds Researching the Old World. I hope you enjoy where these doors to new research lead:

A History of Northern Europe

Map of Northern Europe
A History of Northern Europe
A year ago I was searching for a history of the Netherlands from the time of Christ to the 16th century. I could find nothing. There were some references to enclypedia URL's. But there was no history, especially translated into English.

This year, I discovered Medevil History Sites. WOW! I especially would like to introduce you to

Fryslân, Saterland and Nord-Friesland - The three regions where Frisian is still spoken

This web site introduced me to that history. You will leave my site to enjoy all this information. So when you want to come back, click the back button in your browser until you rejoin my pages.

The Ships That Brought Our Families To America

Veendam I (1888)
The Ship: Veendam I (1888)
Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Co.
Interest in how the Faber's emigrated to Northern New Jersey has me doing research in the area of ships and ways our family came to America. The Veendam was the ship my family used to move to the new world.

Are you looking for the ship your family came to America?

Let's help each other!

How Our Ancestors Came to America

Job Ulbes FABER

Job Ulbes FABER b.2 November 1827
Job Ulbes FABER
Job Ulbes FABER was born November 2, 1827 in Britswerd, Baarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Conversations with Ap Vandongeren and correspondence with Carla Divinsky & Louis Meylemans has produced good results in gathering information about my gggrandfather. Research Work Sheets is an area where you and I can look at links, documents, and research materials to help me further my information but also help you in learning ways of doing on-line research. This area will be constantly changing.

Current Research Work Sheets

Dutch to English Translation Research

Dutch Militery Record for Abes Ruaards
Translation Research
I am in the process of translating 28 documents. If any one is interested in helping me in this process, follow this link. Also notice the form I found on the WEB to show the directory I have all my graphic files.

Documents for Translation And Research

Photography - Making Memories

A Keik (Dutch for small picture) of Job Faber
Researching Photography
As a little boy, I had an interest in photography. My first camera was a "Kodak Brownie" and I continue to enjoy, as a hobby, all areas of photography. This area of research covers the use of photography and its application in research and presentation of that research.

Researching Photography

The Church and Her Influence

Church: Its Influence on the Family
Church History Research
The church has been an important part of our family history. Many family members have been trained in theology and have been pastors of churches. In this area of interest I am trying to explore what the church was like during a period of history. What influence did she have on our family. I want to discuss the history of the Christian Reformed Church and the Dutch Reformed Church.

Church History - Her Influence On The Family
A Fire Strikes. Impacts the Life of A Church