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  • Genealogy - Sirname Pages

    ajstasse's Home Page
    Ted Faber
    Netherlands Home Pages
    The First Name of "Faber"

    Professional Services

    Heritage Quest - Genealogy and Family History Products/Services
    Brøderbund Software
    Everton Publishers, Inc.
    Family Chronicle Magazine
    Family Gathering Home Page
    Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page
    Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
    Genealogy Software Guide

    Starting Places For General Genealogical Research

    Deciphering Old Handwriting
    Calendar Conversions
    COUSINS - what it all means (includes cousin marriage)
    Frequently Asked Questions For soc.genealogy.misc
    The Genealogy Home Page
    ZIP Codes and Phone Numbers
    Genealogy Resources on the Internet
    List of Genealogy Bulletin Board Systems - Home Page
    Colorado Genealogical Society - Cool Sties
    Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
    National Genealogical Society
    Gopher Index
    Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
    The National Address Server
    The Newark Public Library Home Page
    The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
    United States Postal Service Home Page
    USA CityLink Home Page
    Welcome To
    The Genealogy Calendar
    Records and Resources in the New York State Archives

    Dutch Research - Netherlands

    Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington, DC
    Geschiedenis Online (Dutch)
    Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (Dutch)
    De Groene Amsterdammer (Dutch)
    Netherlands Ancestors
    Dutch Research Corner
    Online Presentations in and about Lowlands Languages
    Nord-Brabant, NL
    Bookings/Provincial Map of Holland
    Genealogische Vereniging Prometheus - Delft University (Dutch)
    Genealogy Benelux Home Page
    KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
    Leeuwarden Air Base
    The Tulip Book - page 39 (Faber Tulip)
    UUNET Nederland (Dutch/English)
    Netherlands Search/Zoeken Engine (HotBot/AltaVista)

    Dutch Research - USA

    The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage - Dutch in the North East
    Dutch Home Pages by Familyname - Theo Strik & Don Arnoldus

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